Life SUPPLIES was founded in 2011 after a management buy-out by Chantal Voets, Herman Meynaerts (former owners of Sibeco Chemicals Group) and Edward Verdult (former owner of Interland Chemie).In 2015, the Life science part of Helm Benelux was taken over. With more than 20 years of experience in the distribution of additives and chemicals, the company took over the animal feed department from Azelis, a worldwide distributor of specialty chemicals.


The head office of Life SUPPLIES is located in Olen.
In addition, Life SUPPLIES has warehouses in Olen, Hazeldonk and Cambriago (It) and its own purchase office in Shanghai, China and Mumbai, India.


The total turnover of Life SUPPLIES in 2019 was more than € 88 million. From the start in 2011 a strong growth was achieved which will continue into the future.

Life SUPPLIES products are traceable to the source and always of high quality.

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