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Office & warehouse

Life Supplies PLC
  • Industrielaan 25
  • B-2250 Olen
  • Belgium
  • Alfa number: BE 100 380
  • VAT n°: BE 0413458441

Customer Service & Logistics

Customer Service & Logistics mailbox:
Elke Van den Bergh
Logistics Manager
Nele Lenaerts
Customer Service & Logistics


Purchasing mailbox:
Katleen Alen
Purchasing Manager
Tinne De Bruyn
Purchasing assistant

Sheq Department

Els Haveneers
Quality Manager & Regulatory Affairs
Manon van Eupen
Quality System Manager
Prevention mailbox:

Financial Department & Administration

Financial Department & Administration mailbox:

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Food additieven illustratie
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We speak the following languages: Dutch – French – English – German – Italian.

Yes, we supply companies on credit. Our working method is that we work on a first order on prepayment. Together with the creation of your customer account, we will ask our bank and insurance company to do a credit check. In case of a positive assessment we will implement a credit line for your company.

All our food additives are suitable for delivery as GMO-free and we can also provide a valid GMO-free certificate or declaration.

Most of our food additives are suitable for delivery under Kosher and in those cases we can also provide a valid Kosher certificate.

Most of our food additives are suitable for delivery under Halal and in those cases we can also provide a valid Halal certificate.

The prices quoted by us are fixed and without further surcharges, unless we have notified you in advance.

Most of the products are in stock in one of our warehouses, allowing delivery within 2-3 days in the Benelux. For the countries around us this will be 3-5 days.

E-numbers are safe to use, an ingredient with an E-number has been checked on all aspects and has been approved according to EU legislation. For all our E-numbers we can advise you how to use them and we can provide you with the information about origin, composition, allergen information, …

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