Quality and Control

Life SUPPLIES continuously checks the quality of the products delivered and distributed by us. These controls are conducted both by our own quality services and by independent external organisations, governments and inspection authorities.

Responsibility and Trust

More than in any other branch sustainability and ethical awareness are key concepts in the food industry. We are fully aware of that responsibility. Quality, safety and purity are constantly on our mind, every minute of every day. A number of control and audit systems were set up in this respect and we constantly keep an eye on our suppliers. We have all the necessary certificates and whenever possible we apply even stricter guidelines than legally required.


Trust is important in all our partnerships. We choose our partners carefully. And we do not rely solely on the good intentions of the companies we do business with. We check our suppliers and their suppliers, take samples and test all the products we sell. All our products are fully traceable within 24 hours.






Always safe and constant high quality